Liberty Bottleworks Bag-o-Straws


Liberty Bottleworks LogoA bag of 4 spare straws for the Liberty Bottleworks Sports cap.

Bryht thoughts:   Always handy to have spares!

A full list of features can be found below.



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  • Fits Liberty Bottleworks Sports Cap

Cleaning advice from Liberty Bottleworks

For best cleaning we recommend washing in hot soapy water.

About Liberty Bottlworks

Liberty Bottleworks produce their bottles in their own factory in the US. The factory has it’s own waste-water treatment system, uses low energy Infra Red light ovens, water based UV inks and has it’s own vacuum recovery system to ensure maximum utilisation of raw materials and the protection the outside enviroment. The US Environmental Protection Agency said it was one of the greenest factories they had ever visited!

Made in the USA.