… and stretch…

There comes a time during the week when I know I really should do some stretching – tight hamstrings after a bike ride, hunched shoulders after sitting a at a computer, back grumbling after doing some lifting its not used to.

Even though I know I will feel better for doing some stretches I can dream up all sorts of reasons why it can’t happen just yet

I can’t remember a sequence of stretches!

I’m in the middle of cooking dinner!

I’ve got emails to check!

In order to get past my excuses I have found the best solution for me is to bookmark short video clips that can be found online; the maximum time I go for is 30 minutes and the shortest is around 10 minutes.

I’ve also tried sequences printed in magazines and they’re great too but I find that it is too easy for me to bail out part-way through the sequence; if I am watching a video clip it is more like being in a class and I am much less likely to stop part way through.

I choose video clips where there is a teacher explaining the moves and the reason why the stretch is good after cycling/ swimming/ sitting at a desk.  If I don’t understand the explanation I can glance at the clip to see what is going on and rewind it a little if I really don’t have a clue!  After a few sessions I can usually remember the sequence and can wing it without the aid of tech, however I know that if memory fails me I can always go back and watch the sequence again.

My firm favorite if I have 30 minutes is by Sage Rountree (honestly, if I lived on the same continent I would try to get to one of her classes!).  It is a sequence of Yoga for Cyclists and is also great for those who spend a lot of time sat at a desk and is available on the prAna website:


Another favorite is also by Sage Rountree and is called Yoga For Runners.  One of the reasons I go back to this one is that it can be used in segments.  In total it is around 30 minutes long however you can skip to the part that you are in most in need of!  About 10 minutes into the video is where yoga stretches you can do during your run can be found, and around 17 1/2 minutes in is where post-run stretches can be found.  There is the added bonus that for these no props (mats/ blocks) are needed so there really is no excuse not to do them!!


A favourite 10 minute post-cycle ride stretch is from Sandy LeBlanc through Chain reaction Cycles on Youtube

And last but not least is a 15 minute clip, also by from Sandy LeBlanc through Chain reaction cycles – Yoga for Cyclists Deep Hip Opening.

Happy stretching!

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