Here at BRYHT I am always on the look-out for ways to minimise the impact of my business on people and the environment.


When I research products not only am I looking for beautifully practical items I also take into account the impact of the products on the environment taking into account the following…


Is the product made from a natural resource such as cotton or hemp?


Is the product made from certified organic materials e.g. organic cotton.

Where is it manufactured

Where is the product made – keeping in mind the ‘product miles’.


Is the product made from certified Fairtrade materials?


Is the product made using recycled materials?  Can the product itself be recycled?


Is the product made from a material that originated from a crop that has a minimal long-term effect on the environment?

Made to Last

Is the product ‘made to last’ so that it is not encouraging a throw-away culture?


I aim to minimise the packaging used when sending parcels and I carefully source the packaging I use to try and ensure that it fulfils one or more of the following criteria

  • The packaging is recyclable e.g. cardboard and paper
  • The packaging is biodegradable e.g. mailing bags
  • The packaging is made from a natural resource e.g. wood, corn

Product Miles

I aim to minimise the miles that the products I sell travel to reach me before being sent to you.


I recycle as much as possible in my office.

I also aim to use recycled and recyclable products wherever possible in my day-to-day work.