BRYHT Lydden Briefcase Pannier Bag

On various journeys on two wheels I started to ponder everything I liked a briefcase pannier to be, and the result of these pedal-powered musings is our Lydden briefcase pannier bag.

I like to think of the Lydden as a ‘stealth’ bike bag – designed to be a stylish and practical bag both on and off the bike.

BRYHT Lydden Bike Pannier Briefcase Khaki Canvas

How versatile is it?

The Lydden has been designed for a flexible fit on a bicyle rear rack using two removable, leather clip straps.

These rack attachment straps can be stowed away in the slip pocket on the bag of the bag when not on the bike and on days when your bike is taking a break, the rack attachment straps can be removed completely and stashed away, so that you are not carrying around any more than you need to.

It has a lovely long adjustable, removable shoulder strap so that the bag can be worn on the shoulder or cross-body. The grab handles have a comfortable, wide leather grip for ease of carrying in the hand.

Also bundled in with the bag is a bright protective cover.

BRYHT Lydden briefcase pannier in Khaki Canvas Back Straps Clipped On

What size is it?

The Lydden is sized to carry a small laptop (13”); as a rough guide to sizing it can hold an A4 ring binder.

How does it attach to a rear rack?

It attaches securely to a bike rear rack with two leather & clip straps which can be removed and stored in the bag, or simply unhooked at one end and stowed away in the back slip pocket when not in use. The straps are removable so if you wish to use different straps (longer, shorter, buckles, personalised … ) simply swap them over.

BRYHT Lydden Bike Pannier Briefcase Khaki Canvas

Choose how to wrap the straps on the rack to adjust the height of the bag on the bike, in the images below the straps have been wrapped around the full width of the rack to raise the bag higher on the rack.

BRYHT Lydden Bike Pannier Briefcase Khaki Canvas
BRYHT Lydden Bike Pannier Briefcase Khaki Canvas

Does the bag have any padding to protect my belongings?

Yes! The bag has a light level of padding both to give it structure and to provide some protection for the contents of the bag. I always recommend taking a moment to check that you are happy that the bag provides enough protection for your belongings.

I like to organise the contents of my bag – are there pockets?

Yes! This bag is crammed with pockets.

There is a zip pocket on the front of the bag and a slip pocket on the back with a magnetic snap closure.

Inside the bag one side has a large zip pocket fronted by 3 slip pockets which are great for phone / keys / smaller items that can get lost in the depths of a bag. On the other side there are two larger bellows pockets – as a rough guide to size these can accommodate an e-reader.

Also inside the bag there is a key clip on a long leather strap helping to avoid that unnerving moment as you watch your keys sail through the air towards the nearest drain cover/ puddle/ dubious deposit on the ground.

BRYHT Lydden briefcase pannier in Khaki Canvas - Interior Detail

What do I do with the shoulder strap when cycling?

To avoid a dangling strap tangling with a wheel I have found the following strap carrying options help avoid a bike/rider/strap mangling moment

  1. Unclip it, roll it up and pop it in the bag, or
  2. Wear the strap as a sash by clipping one end of the strap to the other and popping it over your shoulder, or
  3. Unclip one end and wrap it through the grab handles as many times as it will go and clip back on, making sure that there is not enough length to dangle into a wheel

How do I keep it clean?

For notes on how to care for your Lydden bag please visit the product care page

Is the bag totally waterproof?

No! To provide protection from rain and road dirt our bags come with a bright protective cover that has been designed to be a snug fit on the bag. The cover is made from PU-coated nylon and has sealed seams to aid in repelling water, however because of the way the bag attaches to the rear rack there is a gap in the raincover around the rack attachment straps, so I cannot claim that it makes the bag waterproof.

BRYHT Lydden Bike Pannier Briefcase Raincover

Can I leave the protective cover on the bag when off the bike?

Yes!  The Lydden protective cover does not cover D-rings on the back of the bag so it is possible to leave the protective cover on the bag and attach the shoulder strap to the D-rings on the back of the bag for shoulder carry.

It does carry a little differently than when having the shoulder strap attached to the usual D-rings on the sides of the bag, however it does work and it saves having to wrestle with a wet/ grubby cover if all you want to do is get going!

Can I get spare straps/ raincover for the bag?

Yes! If you need a spare shoulder strap or rack attachment straps please get in touch. Spare Lydden protective covers are available here.