Interview with Adventure Photographer Andy Mann

We are slightly obsessed with the Mountainsmith range of lumbar packs and camera bags – we’ve come to love the rugged construction of the bags and the attention to detail that go hand in hand with Mountainsmith products, so it’s great when we come across independent reviews and interviews that include the bags.

We’ve recently been fascinated by an interview on the Carryology website with Andy Mann whose has collaborated with Mountainsmith on his signature camera bag range.  Here’s a snippet from the interview …

[quote ]Andy has that job we all dream of. He journeys to the exotic places in the world that grace the covers of National Geographic and other outdoors magazines. As an adventure photographer he doesn’t have the luxury of the studio or the camera van. He has to bring everything he needs with him out into the field and document the action unfolding in front of his eyes.[/quote]

Here’s the link to the interview (with some amazing photos by Andy as well)  … happy browsing!