Here at BRYHT it is important to me to know where the products I offer for sale are manufactured and to share that information with you.

BRYHT bags bags are manufactured by a family-run factory based in a small village a few hours from Chennai, India. It brings employment to a rural area for around 200 women, helping them to supplement their family income. New staff start at the age of 18 and are trained in the area that suits them best.

BRYHT raincovers are made by a local company based in Dorset providing employment in our local community.

The Harris Tweed or Clo Mor (The Big Cloth) used for some of our limited edition bags is woven at the home of the weaver in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

All Carradice Cotton Duck bags are handcrafted in their workshop in Nelson, England. Here’s what they say about the materials that are used …

We source our 100% waterproof Cotton Duck from Halley Stephensons – they’ve been making it for 150 years, but their factory is state of the art to ensure perfect quality.

The chromed leather we use is sourced from a tannery in the Netherlands, where it is treated under strict environmental controls.

All our products are fully guaranteed to the original owner, against defects in materials or workmanship. Replaceable items (eg hooks, zips) are guaranteed for two years. We will repair or replace, at our discretion, any product returned which has failed due to a manufacturing defect.

Information from Klean Kanteen on where their products are made

The very first Klean Kanteen was created to promote healthy living and respect for the environment by giving people an affordable alternative to plastic and lined aluminum bottles.

Klean Kanteen has always shared many of the concerns you, our customers, have expressed about manufacturing the bottles in China. Before a single bottle was ever produced, Klean Kanteen set in place checks and balances to ensure that our bottles are produced safely, sustainably and that the people making Klean Kanteens are treated well and paid fairly. By manufacturing in China, Klean Kanteen can provide a handcrafted bottle of exceptional quality at a reasonable price.

For more information about our commitment to operating Klean Kanteen sustainably and manufacturing our products in a way that’s environmentally responsible with fair labor and human rights standards, read our sustainability and responsibly made pages.

Liberty Bottleworks produce their bottles in their own factory in the US. The factory has it’s own waste-water treatment system, uses low energy Infra Red light ovens, water based UV inks and has it’s own vacuum recovery system to ensure maximum utilisation of raw materials and the protection the outside enviroment. The US Environmental Protection Agency said it was one of the greenest factories they had ever visited.

Mountainsmith have written a very informative article on the design process that they gop through with their products which can be found using the following link:

Po Campo has recently revisited it’s environment credentials and have written a very informative article about their journey which can be found by following the link:

Information from U-Konserve on where their products are made

“Our products are designed in California, and responsibly made in China, India and Taiwan in facilities that are working toward green practices and supportive of our mission to reduce waste. We made considerable effort to keep production in the U.S., while still making our products affordable to a broad market, but we found it very difficult to compete with these countries in both quality and price. Sometimes it can be easier to find manufacturing overseas that conforms to stringent safety standards because many overseas companies support other countries (like Europe) that have far stricter regulations than the U.S.”

“Our recycled cotton (used in our Napkins, Go-to-Market Totes and Lunch Sacks) is made in India; all Stainless Steel Containers and Stainless Steel Bottles, Stainless Steel Accessories, Food Kozy┬«Wraps and Bags, Ice Cube Tray and Bamboo Utensils are made in China; and our recycled insulated fabric (used in our Insulated Lunch Sacks, Lunch Totes and Ice Packs) is made in Taiwan.”