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Liberty Bottleworks LogoThis eye-catching 24 oz / 0.7L reusable drinks bottle made from 100% recycled aluminium combines unique artwork with practicality.

The sports cap (with straw) is great for easy drinking – just flip open and drink, and the threadless wide mouth design makes for easy cleaning and is ice cube friendly!

The BPA free, flexible food grade coating means that the bottles are non-toxic and non-leaching and safe for all types of drinks.

You can literally ‘feel’ the design by Artist Megan Newell on the bottle as a result of the digital printing methods used.

Looking for spares?  Individual Sport and Standard caps are available as well as spare straws for the sports cap.

Bryht thoughts:   Stay hydrated on your travels with this piece of portable art!

A full list of features can be found below.



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  • Approximately 25cm high x 7cm diameter
  • Opening of bottle – approximate internal diameter 3.5cm (ice cube friendly!)
  • Volume approximately 24 oz / 0.7L


  • Wide bottle mouth with threadless design for easy cleaning and it is ice cube friendly!
  • Gradually tapered neck for splash free drinking with the cap off
  • As with many sports tops it is not as leak proof as the standard cap so its best kept upright if possible. If you do find your top dripping when turned upside down you can press on the ‘umbrella’ valve on the inside of the cap. The valve is necessary to balance the pressure inside the bottle but can sometimes let a little liquid through.
  • The bottles are made from deep drawn aluminium which means fewer dents and good durability

Benefits of the BPA free, flexible food grade coating

  • no porous surface for bacteria build up and no metallic taste in the water (which some people don’t like about stainless steel bottles)
  • bottles are safe from all types of drinks – milk, juice, wine and beer as well as water!
  • bottles are non-toxic and non-leaching and exceed FDA requirements.

Cleaning advice from Liberty Bottleworks

We recommend hand washing your bottle. With a little soap, a little water and some elbow grease. So please hand-wash only and enjoy it for many years to come.

About Liberty Bottlworks

Liberty Bottleworks produce their bottles in their own factory in the US. The factory has it’s own waste-water treatment system, uses low energy Infra Red light ovens, water based UV inks and has it’s own vacuum recovery system to ensure maximum utilisation of raw materials and the protection the outside enviroment. The US Environmental Protection Agency said it was one of the greenest factories they had ever visited!

Made in the USA.