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carradice-logoPack your essentials into this compact bag and head off on your cycling adventures!

Handcrafted in Britain by Carradice this traditional bag holds a surprising amount of gear.  The zipped roll has one main zipped compartment with a flap over, so once zipped up your belongings are secure while on your travels.

It comes with 3 leather attachment straps and can be used as saddlebag or handlebar bag. When used as a saddlebag 2 straps are used to attach the bag to saddlebag loops on your saddle and the third attaches to your seat post to help stabilise the bag. When used as a handlebar bag 2 of the straps are used to attach it to your handlebars.

All Carradice Originals bags come with a lifetime guarantee against defective materials & workmanship.

Bryht thoughts: a super compact, bag that can be used as a saddlebag or handlebar bag that will take wet weather in its stride. The fabric used is 100% waterproof – now we’re always a little cautious when stating anything is 100% waterproof but as Carradice have 70 years plus of experience we’re going to trust them on this!

Please note that to use as a saddlebag your saddle will need to have saddlebag loops for the straps to attach to.

A full list of features can be found below.




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This compact and hard-wearing bag from Carradice has the following features:

  • Weight is approximately  310grams
  • Capacity is approximately  2 litres
  • Dimensions are approximately 13cm cm diameter x 28cm wide
  • Fixing system uses 3 leather straps

Materials used

  • 18oz Cotton Duck fabric
  • 3M Scotchlite reflective diamond on bag top flap
  • metal buckles & fastenings
  • chromed leather straps

Information from Carradice on the Cotton Duck fabric

  • “Duck” is the name given to the specific weave of our cotton fabric.  It’s rugged and tough and can withstand plenty of knocks. 
  • The fabric is pressure impregnated with Parrafin Wax to make it waterproof.  This means there’s no coating that could get rubbed off.  It also allows the fabric to breathe, so your belongings don’t “sweat”.
  • We source our 100% waterproof Cotton Duck from Halley Stephensons – they’ve been making it for 150 years, but their factory is state of the art to ensure perfect quality.
  • When rain hits the fabric, the outer cotton filaments swell, effectively closing up any gaps in the weave and around the stitching.  Combined with the barrier of wax, this very effectively stops the rain getting through.  It’s a system that has worked brilliantly for 200 years – waxed cotton really is the original performance fabric.
  • The fabric can easily be reproofed using reproofing wax available from Carradice.
  • The fabric can also be patched and repaired using a cotton duck repair kit available from Carradice.

Proudly designed and made in the UK.